Monday, 11 July 2016

Good Night

Assalamualaikum semua :')


Actually, I was taking a nap just now because I am so boring doing BK (Buku kerja/Bahan Kecermerlangan) subject KHB. Argh! I hate it! I just don't remember when is the first and the last time I like KHB because setahu aku, I was never ever like it.

Oh, ya. BK is a PT3 stuff and just for lower form students in Terengganu. So, mohonlah jeles secara berjemaah ya wahai pelajar lower form di negeri lain. Mehehehe XD

Just go die with my suck english :p

The time I'm writing this is 11.48 pm. My mum asked me to sleep because it's already late but I just don't want because aku belum bersugi dan solat Isya' lagi. And I think, it's not too late because I used to sleep at 1am.

My sister is watching Kau Aku Kita Raya. At first, I want to join her watching it but then I felt lazy and just sitting in my room/bedroom and doing my homeworksss. I have so many homeworksss okay! It is a very bad thing since I am very lazy to do those stuff.

Actually, I just wanna wish "GOOD NIGHT" to all of you who read my blog. HEHE. But, I don't know how I can melalut to KHB and cerita Kau Aku Kita Raya. HAHA. It's funny. Thought.

Emmmm. Okaylah buddyz. I think I shouldn't mumbling here because.... I just don't know what's the reason. But I think I shouldn't.

Okaylah...  I know my english is suck but I don't mind beause I'm not an english girl. I'm a Malaysian. Yeah! I love it. K, whatever. Lols ~

So, everybody. Good night, sleep tight and sweet dream. Don't forget to do the 'adat tidur' before you sleep. Read Al Fatihah + 3 Qul + Ayat Kursi then hembus kat tapak tangan and sapu kat seluruh badan. Kalau kita buat adat tidur ni, tidur kita tu dikira sebagai ibadat, tau. So, kita dapat pahala. Pahala masuk macam air je. Fuuuuuuu. Weeee, untungnya!

Ok, gais. I have to pen off now although I'm typing this using my handphone, not a pen. Till then. Assalamualaikum and may Allah bless you :')


Thanks for reading this entry ^_^

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