Friday, 5 August 2016

Muslims Wanted. Dead or Alive. (Because He is a Muslim)

Assalamualaikum semua :')


Aku rasa, dah ramai yang pernah baca benda ni. Aku pun dah lama jugak tapi baru terasa nak share. Actually, benda ni aku jumpa kat blog The Other Khairul beberapa minggu lepas. Tahun 2010 punya post update. Boleh klik sini untuk make sure yang aku tak tipu. Itupun kalau korang tak percaya. Heh :/

So, enjoy reading!


When a Jew grows his beard, he is doing it in other to practice his faith
But the hell when a Muslim does the same, he is called the extremist and terrorist?

When a nun covered from head to toe, she is doing it in order to devote herself to God.
But when a Muslim girl does the same, when is she been oppressed (treated cruel and unfair)?

When a western woman stays at home to look after her house and kids, she is respected by the entire society because of sacrificing her life to her house.
But then, if a Muslim woman does the same, why the hell she been oppressed?

When a girl go to university wearing what she wills, she has her rights and freedom.
But why the hell when a Muslim girl wears hijab, they prevent her from entering the university?

When a child dedicates himself to a subject, he has potential and talent.
But when he dedicates himself to Islam, he is hopeless.


When a Jew kills someone, religion is not mentioned.
But when a Muslim is charged with a crime, it's Islam that goes to trial.

When someone sacrifies himself to keep the others alive, he is noble and everyone respects him.
But when a Palestinian does that just to save his son from being killed, his brother's arm being
broken, his mother being raped and his home being destroyed, and his mosque being violated; he gets the title of terrorist.


= Because HE IS A MUSLIM.

I am a Muslim; kill me and call it collateral damage. Imprison me and call it security measure. Exile all of my people and call it New Middle East. Rob my resources, invade my lands, after my leaders and call it democracy.


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