Friday, 4 September 2015

About Me

About Me

Hello & assalamualaikum my beloved readers..

First question..

Do you know my name??
(Kehkeh.. Memanglah tak tahu kan? Perasan je ramai orang kenal aku.)
Ok la. Ok la. Meh nak story sikit about myself :D

The name given by both of my parents is Siti Halimah. More known as 'SHa'. Short-form for my name. I'm a sweet 14 year-old girl, but people always think that I'm 10 years old. Haha, what the --' People who know me sometimes address me as student-blogger-author to be but in reality, I'm just a simple girl who has many dreams and desires.

I am a daughter to a couple who had been married 20 years ago. Being the third child from five siblings and the youngest daughter in my family. I have a sister, a brother and two younger brothers and four of them are always giving me a headache.

Me is Me. I'm different, that's the truth. I don't use to talk much and share stories with people. Because of that, people around me always call me 'arrogant'. But... There's something that they don't know about me. Actually, I'm a friendly girl. Friendly as I love to have chat with people and make new friends.

My status => Single and not availabe

Writing, reading and day-dreaming are my hobbies.. I love writing and reading so much as I have wrote about 5 short stories and a novel (still writing) and read more than 50 novels since I have reading novel about 4 years. Started blogging on February this year, I know that I'm not a famous blogger yet.. Keh keh.. (Tak terniat pun nak jadi femes).

This blog is just like my diary. I would like to share everything here. If I can?
I hope you (the readers) enjoy reading every entry that I have posted and gonna post here as much as I do. And, don't forget to vote Sakura Merah! (Perasan macam ada orang kenal Sakura Merah. Hehe)

Thanks for reading ^_^
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