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*Written on Saturday. 5th September 2015

When I feel bored, I used to watch the Korean movies.
When I feel stressed, I used to listen to the Korean songs.
When I have a chat with my friends, me and them used to talk about Korean artists.
All about Korea.
Korea. Korea. Korea.
One day, an ustazah discuss about 'Korean' in my classroom.
She asked me and my classmates.
Why do we must watch the Korean movies when we feel bored?
But, why we don't watch an Islamic television programme?
Why do me must listen to the Korean songs when we feel stressed?
But, why we don't listen to the al-Quran?
Why do we must talk about Korean artist when we have a chat with our friends?
But, why don't we discuss about things that we confuse in Islam?
And, that ustazah ask me and my classmate to think awhile.
'Why did we do that but we don't do that.'
I closed my eyes, and I thaught hard.
Why? Why? And why?
And all of a sudden.
There were tears out from my eyes.
I cried.
Yes, I cried.
I cried because I felt I was such a fool human.
I always spend my free time with Korean movies, songs and artists.
But, I didn't usedmy free time to read or listen to the al-Quran.
I didn't use my time to watch Islamic programme in television like Tanyalah ustaz and Halaqah.
I didn't use my time to discuss about thing that I confuse in Islam.
Now, I know that I'm very stupid!
Don't use the time to make PAHALA.
Oh, I feel so loss of what I have doing.
: Thanks ustazah for the 'questions' :

Thanks for reading this entry ^_^

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